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CEOCHICK of the Month

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CEOCHICK of the Month

Tell us how you got into entrepreneurship?

It’s an interesting story of how I became the entrepreneur I am today. As a busy wife and mother, I previously owned my own interior decorating company for over 10 years. Professionally I was very happy with my business. However, I transitioned into designing swimwear out of personal frustration. I struggled with my weight throughout the bulk of my adult life, but my desire to feel confident in swimwear never wavered. My frustration came with not being able find a bathing suit that made me feel the same confidence, as I did when wearing regular clothes. So, I decided to create one! Which was the driving force behind me becoming the Founder/CEO of MyLegkini® Swimwear Inc. And in the process I took back my power at the beach and the pool. By designing swimwear that shapes and accentuates the hips, waist, legs and thighs, I learned to face my own body insecurities. It’s funny how God will take something you’ve been wrestling with for years and flip it into something you now love. Creating unconventional swimwear for women is an honor. Because it will empower them to swim with confidence and to love their curves more. It is the primary reason behind why I pivoted from interior decorating to designing swimwear and haven’t looked back.


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