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Weigh Myself Daily?

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Weigh Myself Daily?

Weighing yourself daily can cause you to lose motivation and takes the focus away from the long-term benefits of losing weight and changing your eating habits.

Many people see weight loss wins to be the number on the scale however, there are many other ways to measure your weight loss success.

Did you know that when you weigh yourself on the scales, you are not measuring JUST your fat? When you want to lose weight, what you are actually talking about is losing fat.
Keep in mind when you are weighing yourself on the scales, you are weighing your fat, your bones, muscles, organs and water. Weighing yourself everyday or weekly makes no difference – you will always be weighing more than just your fat.
The best way to stay motivated is to only weigh yourself once a week. On the same day, around the same time, (first thing in the morning) wearing no shoes or clothes and right after you use the bathroom, before you eat or drink anything. This will be on of the more accurate ways to measure your weight loss via a scale.
I believe for long-term success and to reflect the real transformation of your body, you need more than a scale. As I was losing weight, using these 4 techniques helped me to stay motivated and to appreciate my hard work and dedication to my health.



Tiredness is a common feeling many people complain about. It is often a side effect of not exercising or eating well. After changing your lifestyle and improving your diet you may notice an increase in your energy levels. A way to measure your weight loss journey is to ask yourself if your energy levels are improving and if you feel stronger, fitter and healthier.
Taking measurements of various parts of the body can often reveal more than measuring your weight on the scales. This could simply be your hips or bust area – tracking this over the course of a year can reveal major changes that you may not notice if you weigh yourself on a scale on a daily basis.
Great question to ask yourself: Are your clothes fitting better? This is another way to measure your weight loss journey.
Now, how many of you have struggled to walk up a flight of stairs or run after your kids?
The more you exercise or move, the more your endurance levels go up. This is a great way to measure and track weight loss progress if you are using exercise as part of your methods.
This is a really easy thing to see changes in because your cardiovascular system adapts very quickly when you start to exercise more.
Pictures tell a big story – one that you will not see if you weigh yourself on the scale every day.
As someone who sees themselves every day it is difficult to see the changes that your body is actually experiencing.
Taking regular pictures can help demonstrate this in an objective way so you have visual proof of how your body is changing.


Always remember you are more than a size. And the scale will never tell the whole story of your hard work and dedication to improving your health. Keep getting up everyday and continue focusing on the long-term goal.


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Comments: 3

  • Sonya J
    June 27, 2020

    Thank you for sharing your successful inspirational story! I’m more motivated now than ever!

    • Holly C
      July 20, 2020

      Amazing journey. You have a gorgeous soul! With the strength of a lioness.

  • Lanell M
    July 21, 2020

    Love your story as I battle this everyday. Very happy for your success at taking back control of your health.

  • Andre Barwinski-Brown
    August 18, 2020

    Such an inspiration! Your story and tips are really helpful. Thank you for sharing your fitness journey.

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