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Jump Start Your Weight Loss

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Jump Start Your Weight Loss

As someone who use to weigh over 300 pounds, didn’t like to workout anymore and was constantly using food as my therapist, I can tell you first hand, when you’re ready, you will start. But not a moment before you are mentally and physically ready.

My best advice is to start by starting. Don’t wait for it to be Monday or after the next holiday, when the kids go back to school or the next event- (those were always my excuses) Start today! By making one more healthier choice than you did yesterday. To move a little more than you did yesterday. And to sit with your feelings and allow yourself time to understand your “why”. And then dig down deep inside of yourself and find that same strength you used before and get to it! Always remember it’s one day and one pound at a time! 


  1. Be Specific in your weight loss plan

A, Write down your actual goal-example: “I want to lose 55 pounds.”

B. Create a weight loss vision board-to see as a daily remember of inspiration


2. Set measurable goals

A. Example: “I want to lower my blood pressure and go down 2 pant sizes.”

B. Set small goals-example: “I want to lose 1-2 pounds a week over the next 3 months”.


3. Set an attainable/achievable goal

A. Not a quick fix plan-example: “I want to lose 25 pounds in two days before going on vacation.” (Not achievable and can be discouraging long-term)

B. Set more attainable goals-example: “I want to start working out 3 days a week for 30 minutes and cut out drinking sodas and juices for one month.”


4. Plan for Rewarding Yourself and be Realistic with the Rewards

A. Your goal needs to be something you can attain with the resources you have available. (Example: Buy a new outfit or treat yourself to a spa day)

B. Write down 6 reward options other than food.

C. Reward yourself and celebrate the big and small wins.


5. Set a time bound goal:

A. Set a realistic timeframe for when you want to achieve the goal by. (Set a realistic timeframe for each stage of your weight loss)

B. This step helps to keep you on track-example: “I want to lose 8-10 pounds by the end of the month.”



When losing weight, take whatever amount of weight you want to lose and break it up into 5 stages. This will help with reducing the overwhelming feeling of looking at the number as a whole. And allow for more specific goal setting in each stage.

*Always remember take it one day and one pound at a time.


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Comments: 3

  • Pam W
    June 16, 2020

    Wow! It’s like you wrote my story. I have been trying to get started again but don’t know where to start. You gave me hope and inspiration on starting back tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Shearlyn V
    July 16, 2020

    You look amazing…your story is incredible and encouraging

    • Ryan S
      July 21, 2020

      Sisssssss… this was the INSPIRATION I needed!! Thannnks so much for sharing your journey. You got me over here goal setting for a two piece swimsuit and not looking like a two piece. lol

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