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8 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Exercise has been shown to improve your mood, decrease anxiety and feelings of depression. It can also aid in weight loss and in building and maintaining muscles and bones. As we age we tend to lose function and muscle mass, which can lead to injuries and or disabilities. Here are a list of 5 benefits to why, if you haven’t already, you should add exercise to your daily routine.



  1. Helps You Lose Weight
  2. Reduces the Risk of Chronic Diseases
  3. Increases Brain and Memory Health
  4. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Below is a list of exercises that are commonly used in combination with a healthy diet to lose weight. If you are just starting out exercising, or you haven’t done anything in a while, it is a good idea to start off with 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes. And gradually increasing the length of time weekly until you reach the desired workout weight loss range of 5-6 days a week for 45-60 minutes.





Aerobic exercise revs up your metabolism. It gets your heart rate going and helps your body burn fat. You will lose weight faster as you include aerobic exercises into your exercise routine. You do not need to join a gym (unless you want to). Examples, dancing, jogging, boxing, roller blading, etc.




Jumping jacks provide a full-body workout. It kicks up your heart rate and helps you lose body fat quickly. Your legs are getting a good work out so you’ll feel the burn, but that’s okay because, in turn, you’ll slim down your thighs.



Jumping rope may not be something you’ve done since you were a kid. That’s okay. Pick up the rope and get started. When you jump rope, you’re revving up, and you’re giving your body a good workout. Jumping gives your legs a great workout, just like it did when you were a kid. It’s a tremendous form of exercise you can do anywhere with an inexpensive jump rope and a good pair of shoes.


  1. YOGA:

Yoga is a helpful way to lose body fat, especially in your legs and thighs. More rigorous types of yoga (think hot yoga) facilitate the fastest weight loss. Additionally, you will also tone your muscles and gain better balance. It’s easier on your joints than aerobic exercises, so you’ll be less prone to injury.



HIIT training is short bursts of aerobic exercise. HIIT kicks up your metabolism, causing you to burn fat and calories. The HIIT training sessions require you to push yourself hard for 20 to 90 seconds, which is enough to give you great benefits. You take short rests in-between, but your body is still burning fat. Over time, you can add seconds to the HIIT training sessions to build stamina and burn more fat.



Rapid walking is a good workout. You should walk at least 20 minutes at 3.0 to 4.5 miles per hour to get weight loss benefits. Walking helps your body burn fat but also slims down your legs and thighs. Daily walking improves your mood and is easier on your joints than jogging or aerobic exercises. It’s free, all you need is a good pair of shoes and a place to walk.



Lie on your back. Your arms should be straight out at your sides with your palms out. Bring up one leg without bending it.  Then, alternate the other leg until you are kicking one leg then the other.



Lay on the floor, bending your knees, keeping your feet flat. Put your arms at your sides outwards. Brace and raise your hips off the floor, squeezing your abs and glutes. Hold for a slow count of 5, then lower your hips down. Repeat at least 15 times, building up over time.



Losing weight and body fat, especially in your thighs and legs area, will take patience plus endurance. It can’t happen overnight, but it will take week after week of consistency. You’ll be tempted to give up. Stay positive and focus on your goal. Don’t give up. Take it one day and one pound at a time.


Always drink plenty of water before, during and after a workout. Limit sports drinks to only when you have worked out for over an hour or more.

*Consult a physician prior to starting a new exercise routine or diet plan.


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