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10 Steps to losing weight faster

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10 Steps to losing weight faster

Are you committed to losing weight? If so, there are 10 steps that can assist you in losing weight faster. In the past, I have used these same steps in losing over 160 pounds. And still utilize these same tips today to maintain a healthy weight. When losing weight the hardest part of the whole journey is figuring out what works best for you. Sometimes one way works best, other times it’s a combination of a few things. The below 10 steps are what I used in reaching my weight loss goals. Follow these steps to get you started back on your journey towards getting healthy. I encourage you to stand in the ring and keep fighting. You got this!

But before we get into the steps did you know:

An average size woman in a comma burns 700-800 calories a day! That’s without moving and just providing energy for her major organs and brain to function. Imagine what we burn on the days we are working and exercising, as well as watching our food intake. Losing weight is tied to basic mathematics. Simply put, it is about putting less food in and more movement/exercise out. However, I am a big believer in that losing weight, is just as much, if not more, mentally than it is anything else. That is why, making the decision up in your mind prior to starting will, ensure a successful weight loss journey for you.

What, when and how we eat while losing weight matters. And exercise is key to losing and keeping the weight off, especially long-term. Combining these 10 Steps with a positive mindset and an unstoppable determination, will see you through to your goals.


1. Cut out wasted liquid calories (sodas, juices, coffee, tea, etc. drink water instead)

2. Fix food on a saucer size plate (smaller portions help with reducing overall daily food intake and helps to visually bring portion control to each meal)

3. Only eat bread once a day (reducing carb intake)

4. Eat 6 mini meals; breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack (eat every 2-3 hours)

5. Keep snacks to the 140/4 rule (no more than 140 calories each and 4 fat grams: fruits, vegetables, granola bars, cheese, protein bars, yogurt, etc.)

6. 30 minutes of exercise minimum- 4-5 days a week (dance, jog, swim, sports, add weight training 2-3 days a week- the key is to get moving!)

7. Drink 16-20 ounces of water every time you eat something

8. Slow down when eating! Satiety takes 20 minutes from first bite

9. When in doubt take half of it out (Remove half of the portion when eating out or when you are unsure of how many calories or fat grams are in the food and save it for later as an additional meal or share with family or friends)

10. Stop eating 3 hours prior to physically laying in bed going to sleep (allows the body time to process your last meal before going to bed)


You can use these steps by themselves or in combination of a Keto Diet, Intermitting Fasting diet or Vegan diet. (adjust eating times accordingly)

* Always consult a physician prior to changing your eating habits and or starting a new exercise plan.

Believe in yourself because you got this. And always remember to take it one day and one pound at a time.


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