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Lifestyle Tips

  -  Lifestyle Tips


When I first set out on my lifestyle journey I broke down several times. And was upset when I looked at myself in the mirror. Because I felt my body failed me. Then I realized that my body, the same body, that had gotten me through so much, the same body that gets me up every day and the one that carried my son.

The same one that helps me to love and nurture other people: I had to start loving that same body even at 300 pounds. I needed to realize that by me loving it enough, for instance, by me turning off the negative self talk, by me forgiving myself for the weight gain, it would be the step in the right direction. And as a result, it would be the only way I was going to conquer and win at starting my weight loss journey. As well as being successful at changing my lifestyle.


One thing I did that was so helpful was, I started writing myself little love notes every day. I would write something positive about myself. I would start my day saying it out loud. A big part of us being successful in our lifestyle changes, is the retraining of our minds needs to take place.

Below are several different lifestyle tips that can assist you on your weight loss journey. As you start this new chapter in your life, take it easy on yourself and be kind to your mind.