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Why Don’t I Have Lots of Loose Skin?

Response to why don’t I have a lot of loose skin: 
I get asked this question daily, especially if people have seen me in a bathing suit. I like being completely honest about this question for two reasons; 1. I do not want anyone to think that they absolutely have to have cosmetic surgery after a large amount of weight loss. Because I have met several people who did not need to after their weight loss journey. And 2. I don’t want anyone to feel ashamed if they do decide to have cosmetic surgery done after losing weight. I’m a believer that if it makes a person feel good, then I’m all for it. As long as they understand there is always risks involved in any procedure.
As far as why I don’t lots of loose skin: well, this has been a three stage journey to get to where I am today. The first time I lost the weight I was in my 20’s and did exactly what I described in my hot topic intro with working out and changing my eating habits. The weight came right off. And due to my age, where I fat deposit and the fact that I worked out 5-6 days a week, I had very little loose skin. I did have plenty of stretch marks and cellulite. The second time I lost a lot of weight I was in my 30’s. And it was after giving birth to my son. I did the exact weight loss routine I did the first time and the weight came off but the loose skin on my stomach stayed. That “kangaroo pouch” was not going anywhere no matter how much I changed my diet and exercises. So, as a reward to myself after losing all the weight again, I had a tummy tuck.
(PSA-It’s not a one time fix and it doesn’t lasts forever- the stomach can come back when you start gaining weight again!!) The third and final time I lost a lot of weight was in my 40’s and it was super hard. I did the exact same routine and had to add additional exercises and increase my intensity to get the weight back off and tone my body back up. And I still work at it daily to try and maintain. Because I have never had the type of body where I cannot workout and stay fit.
I’ve learned we all fat deposit differently and depending on our age, how long we were carrying the weight, if we worked out with losing the weight and our elasticity in our skin, plays a huge role in how much loose skin we will deal with while losing. I still have some extra skin and I have all my “battle scars” from how long I was carrying the weight. But I can say the fight and time it took was all worth it for me because I completely turned my health around. I made a promise to myself, that I will never fight the weight loss battle again in my 50’s and beyond. My battle now is to maintain and find different ways to stay active and healthy long term.


1. We all fat deposit differently and based on several factors some of us will have more and or less loose skin.
2. By adding exercises to any diet philosophy you follow and incorporating weight training, you reduce your chances of having large amounts of loose skin. Does not mean you won’t have any but by adding the exercises you increase your overall health and appearance of your body.
3. Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice and if it makes you happy after reaching your goal, that’s great. But it’s not required. If there is loose skin after you’ve reached your goal weight, and it concerns you, but you do not want to have surgery; there are tons of amazing girdles on the market. I love them and wear them even today. And have used them at every size I’ve ever been. They lift up and stuck in your curves nicely. There are a lot of things they sell for women, that can aid us in looking and feeling our best. It is important for us to celebrate and feel confident in our own skin. And utilizing different tools may help us do just that; before, during and after reaching our goal weight.
4. FYI- If a person decides to have cosmetic surgery, it will still require them to live a healthy lifestyle in order to keep the weight off. Maintaining a healthy eating plan and exercise will be key in not seeing the weight return again.

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