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Which Intermitting Fasting Method I Like

Response to questions about which method of intermitting fasting I follow:

There are three different intermitting fasting methods most people use to lose weight. 16/8 method, 5:2 method and the “Eat Stop Eat” or it’s known as OMAD (1 Meal a day). 

I use the 16/8 method and usually depending on my schedule do 11-7pm or 12-8pm. But I’ve also been flexible and have done 10:30-6:30pm or 11:30-7:30pm. Because I sometimes go to bed early. When I am losing weight, I’d add in 2 days a month OMAD-(One meal a day) Normally I would do 1 at the beginning of the month and 1 at the end. I am a morning workout person so pushing my eating off works for me because the last thing I want to do after an intense workout is eat.

**One other tip I use especially while losing weight and fasting is, I do not watch regular tv at night. Because the food commercials are too tempting and it makes me want to break fast by jumping in my car and driving to some fast food restaurant! So I avoid regular tv at night, at least until I’m strong enough to handle the temptation.


1. Research and decide on which intermitting fasting method will work best for you.
2. Schedule your fasting timeline and write it down.
3. Plan daily nutritious meals to eat during your timeframe.

4. Do not overeat at any one meal, and remember two key words: moderation and diversity when selecting your food choices.
5. By adding exercises to your fasting schedule you will increase your ability to loss weight faster.

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