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Stop self sabotaging your progress

Response to those who say they are struggling and just keep beating themselves up:
I’ll be totally honest, I had several hard days. Lost my motivation, was tempted by family and friends to quit. And I fell off the horse a few times. Beat myself up and resorted back to what was comfortable, food. Cried many tears and started avoiding people who might judge my regaining the weight back. The last thing I wanted to hear was what they would say to me. And because I didn’t want the judgement, I turned into a closet eater.
But then I realized it was more than okay for me to start again. And to not feel bad for backsliding. I knew I could do it. I had lost weight before and I would do it again. I picked myself up and got back on that horse. And reminded myself I was in it for the long run. Because I knew, my health would continue declining if I hadn’t done something.  (I was one step closer to the grave than I wanted to be, my back hurt, neck hurt, my knees hurt and my thighs were often rubbing together raw, more times than I care to remember) Take it one day and one pound at a time. Take it easy on yourself. And be kind to your mind.


1. Don’t strive for perfection strive for purposeful long term health.
2. Give yourself a break and know you are not going to “get it right” each and everyday and that’s okay.
3. Follow the 80/20 philosophy and strive for eating healthy and exercising 80% of the time (5 out of 7 days) and then make sensible choices the other 20% of the time (2 out of  7 days)

4. “Whether we think we can or think we can’t we are right.” Positive thinking is powerful.

5. We fall down 7 times and stand up 8!

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