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How to start losing weight (again?)

Response to best advice on someone who is ready to start losing weight (AGAIN): 

My best advice- is to start by starting…

And please hear me clear, IT IS OKAY TO START AGAIN. Down does not mean out. You can hit the reset button and decide to stand up and fight again. 

First:  I will tell you what I say in almost every one of my videos- Create a weight loss vision board! The power of visualization is amazing!!!! No one stumbles into success. You must approach this time, like a well executed plan. Start with the end in mind. Ask yourself, what will your diet philosophy and exercise philosophy be? Write it down/ cut out pictures and words that make you feel good. And put pictures of yourself at your ideal weight or pictures of you smiling and happy. Cut and paste or tape it to a board and put it somewhere you can see it daily as a reminder. Add positive words and read them to yourself daily out loud! It’s so important to see ourselves already at the finish line.

Second: Whatever your weight loss goals are, break it up into 5 stages- divide the weight by 5 that you want to lose. That way the whole number doesn’t look or feel overwhelming.
Third- Put a “weight loss survival kit” together. Meaning, most of the time we “backslide” is because when we do turn to food- we don’t have great choices in our home or with us when we’re out and about. The grocery store has tons of good snack options and of course fruits and vegetables. Stock your pantry with snacks that are delicious and nutritious for you. I recommend “pre measuring” out each snack ahead of time and put them in containers or Ziplock bags, so you’re not eating the whole bag or box like I use to do.
Fourth– Forgive yourself for the weight gain. It doesn’t matter how or why we got to this size. It doesn’t matter if we fell down 7 times as long as we stand up 8! Decide that this time will be different because you will silence the internal self sabotaging thoughts, love your curves just as they are and start walking in the direction of getting healthy. And I know, when you’re ready- I know you got this!!!!  I’ve learned so much over the years with weight loss and one thing I know for sure/ is making it up in your mind first can be the hardest to getting started; and remember start by starting sis!


1. Absolutely create your weight loss vision board.
2. It’s okay to start again.
3. Love your curves right where they are and start heading in the direction of getting healthy.
4. You can and will do it again as soon as you decide you are ready.
5. Make this time different by starting for you, not for a size or for an event or for someone else but for you!

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