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How I Overcame A Weight Loss Plateau

Response to what did I do when I hit a plateau: 
Losing over 160 pounds was a lot of weight, and I realized we lose weight in stages. So, as I was going down on the scale I made adjustments to my diet each time I hit a plateau. To get over the hump, I would increase the intensity of my workouts and the duration of time I was doing certain exercises. And if after doing so, nothing was changing in my body, then I would adjust to a different diet philosophy. It wouldn’t be too frequent, as you want your body to have time to adjust and get use to the changes. So, I would say about every 2-3 months I would reevaluate my diet and make changes accordingly.  (Please remember if your switching from vegetarian/vegan to keto or vice versa, do it slowly). Because it can be rough on the stomach when it comes to reintroducing meat back to the body and or taking it out.
When I say switch to a different diet philosophy that could mean if I was following a intermitting fasting diet, I would add in two days of a vegan diet. Example, I would have meatless Monday and Tofu Thursday. And I would not eat meat or any animal products on those days. By adding in slight adjustments in my eating, I’ve figured out a way to get over the next hump and continue moving the scale. 

1. Always remember we don’t just lose weight, we lose weight in stages. Just as we put it on over a period of time, it takes time to come off.
2. Don’t be afraid to mix up your exercise routine and increase the time and intensity. Because the body likes change and after a while it gets use to what you are doing.
3.  Make sure to periodically reevaluate your eating habits. And if switching your diet philosophy, be sure to do your homework on how to eliminate which foods and or replace which nutrients with what.

4. What you did to lose the first 20 pounds will not always work for the next 20 pounds. Don’t get frustrated just make adjustments.

5. Continue to focus on the long term goal.

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