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How Do I keep the weight off?

Response to how to successfully keep the weight off: 
I have a saying, “How you attain it will be how you maintain it!” What I have come to the realization about losing weight is, if you can gain weight, you can always gain weight. For me, there will never be a point in my life where I can eat whatever I want excessively and not workout and think I will maintain a “healthy weight”. When I am in maintenance mode, I still have to be aware of my eating habits. And I still have to workout 3-5 days a week if I do not want to see the weight return again. What has helped me to finally say no more and to stop the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, is to draw a line in the sand and create my “weight cap”. Meaning, prior to doing this, I would lose the weight and slowly return to my poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. And a 10 pound weight gain would turn into 20 pounds. And 20 pounds into 45 pounds. And before I could even blink good, I would be back into the 250 pound plus club, and on my way to the 300’s again. By creating a “weight cap” of 8-10 pounds max, I give myself some breathing room and a small weight fluctuation gap. Mainly, for during those stressful times in life and or body hormone changes etc. By doing this I also hold myself accountable for my lifestyle change. And when I reach my cap max of gaining, I return back to the eating and exercise philosophy I used to get it off. When we lose weight we work so hard to achieve our goals, not having a plan and buffers in place to maintain that goal is a recipe for disaster. I also recommend having a “maintenance buddy” who you can do bi-weekly check in’s with to see how you are doing. And to continue cheering you on. This is a lifestyle commitment not a short term fix to long term health.


1. Be aware that weight maintenance will always be a part of your journey.
2. Maintenance mode requires 3-5 days of physical activity. (Aim for 10,000 steps a day)

3. Keep food portions under control just as when you were losing the weight.
4. Drink plenty of water and limit your liquid caloric intake. (Sodas, juices, alcohol, etc.)

5. Give yourself a “weight cap” and hold yourself accountable to it as well as having a maintenance accountability buddy.

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