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How Did I Get Started Losing Weight?

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How Did I Get Started Losing Weight?

To Those Needing Advice on Getting Started: 
How to get started might be one of the top questions I receive from those wanting to lose weight. And it can be the hardest step in getting back in the ring and fighting for your health. For me, after leaving the doctors office that faithful day and learning I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as being pre diabetic, I cried in my shower that night for strength to get started. At the time I knew enough to know I didn’t want to keep feeling trapped in my own body anymore. And I wanted to stop the emotional and physical hurt I was experiencing. I knew I needed to do something. So, I prayed for the time in the day to be able to begin researching what I needed to do. And low and behold, even being a wife, a full time college student and working full-time, I managed to “schedule” time for my health. And made taking care of myself a top priority.
  1. My best advice is to start by starting. Don’t wait for it to be Monday or after the next holiday, when the kids go back to school or the next event- (those were always my excuses) Start today! Put your self-care first. By making one more healthier choice than you did yesterday. To move a little more than you did yesterday. And to sit with your feelings and allow yourself time to understand your “why”. And then dig down deep inside of yourself and find that same strength you used before and get to it! Always remember it’s one day and one pound at a time!
  2. Yes it can be hard to get going again, believe me I know the struggle is real. But I’ve learned so much over the years about the human spirit and weight loss. And one thing I know for sure is, making it up in your mind first can be the hardest to getting started. But you are unstoppable when you set your mind to something. So, again, my best advice/start by starting sis! You got this!


1.Make it up in your mind first that this is going to be different than any other time before.
2. Create a weight loss vision board- see yourself already at your goal weight.
3. Get rid of all excuses.
4. Decide on your diet and exercise philosophy and write it down.
5. Create a “survival snack kit” and write down a list of breakfast, lunch and dinner options to choose from that are healthy meals.

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