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Frustrated When the Scale Isn’t Moving

Response to those losing weight and struggling because the scale isn’t moving:
The hardest part to losing weight can be to not focus only on the scale. Because when starting a new diet and exercise plan, it can take your body a little while to adjust to the changes and you may not see the scale move right away. My best advice to have a true measurement of your overall success, is to not just weigh yourself. But to also take your measurements of your hips, waist, legs and thighs as well as your arms. Because you will lose inches and drop pant and dress sizes. You will also began to gain more energy. Plus, take pictures of yourself during the process because it’s hard sometimes to see the results in the mirror. Mainly, because we see ourselves every day. This lifestyle change is more than just moving our scales. It’s about our overall, long term health. Take it one day and one pound at a time!


1. Losing weight has so many more benefits then just moving the scale.
2. Focus on all the other important things in your life while losing weight. (Sleeping better, more energy, less joint pain, clothes fitting looser, improved health)

3. Celebrate all the wins big and small. On the weeks you don’t lose any weight celebrate the fact that you didn’t gain either. That’s a win also because as long as we are not heading back in the other direction on the scale, it’s a victory.

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