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Feeling Stuck and Depressed While Losing Weight

Response to those just stuck and feeling depressed:

Just feeling completely stuck and deflated in your weight loss journey? Don’t know how to put one foot in front of the other? I’ve been there too, and it’s not a good feeling. When I was 304 pounds the weight made me feel so depressed and instead of eating when I was hungry, I was continuing to eat when I was hurting. For me, when I found out my “why” as to why was I holding on to the hurt. And why didn’t I find a way to face it, so I could start to heal, did it click for me. This battle we face is real but as women there is almost nothing our body’s can’t handle physically; it’s our minds we have to convince. Best advice is, first figure out your why. Then decide on your diet philosophy (keto, vegan, intermitting fasting, low calories etc.). Then make a list of foods and snacks you need to get from the grocery store. And build a “survival snack kit” for your go to foods when you are struggling and trying to figure out what to eat. Next figure out your exercise philosophy… (dancing, walking, bike riding, swimming etc.). And write out exactly what you will do each day and for how long. If you are already exercising but not seeing results, switching up which exercises you are doing and increasing the intensity may also help. After establishing your diet and exercise plan, take the remaining weight you want to lose and break it up into 5 stages. By doing this it makes the whole number not seem or feel so overwhelming.
Working out 4-5 days a week starting out worked for me and helped with my depression because each week I started feeling stronger. (always consult your doctor first). Reevaluating my eating habits and seeing if I was taking in too many calories and fat grams helped as well. I also made sure I was getting my 1 gallon of water in daily. Remember you are in this for the long run and having tough days is normal. Keep believing in yourself. Continue to take it one day and one pound at a time. I lost 161 pounds doing these same things. You can use them to help you get unstuck. But more importantly, you must first make it up in your mind- and then when you are ready, start by starting!


1. Identify and write down your “why”, and start addressing the core of the weight gain.
2. Research and decide on your diet philosophy and the types of foods and snacks available.
3. Select an exercise philosophy and set up a schedule of how often and for how long you will do each.
4. Make it up in your mind first and execute this time like a well planned mission, by seeing yourself already at the finish line.

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