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Eat Less and Gain Control Today

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Eat Less and Gain Control Today

Response to gaining control of my eating habits and portion control?

Getting a hold of our eating habits and portion control is essential in losing weight. I especially had to learn this in order to take back my health. I was so out of control with my eating. I was easily taking in 7,000-8,000 calories a day and heading down a road towards a multitude of health problems. Taking control and gaining your power back in your life will open the door to you improving your overall health and lifestyle. It did for me. And now it’s your turn to start developing a healthy relationship with how you look at food. Starting with understanding the appropriate size of foods we should be eating is super helpful. 


I am a Smoothie Queen and often have one for breakfast. And at least 2 nights a week I eat my dinner at lunch time and have a lighter dinner. Basically, I have the heaviest meal in the middle of the day rather than at the end. What’s helpful for me in gaining control of my eating and portion sizes, is I fix my food on a saucer size plate instead of a regular plate. To visually trick myself into thinking I’m eating more. Because the “correct” portion size I should be eating, looks bigger on a smaller plate than a regular one. And for me, this really works. Because I use to pile my food so high and wide on my plate, you couldn’t see an inch of what color or design was actually on it! One other thing that’s helpful to me, is I slow down when eating because the feeling of satiety takes 20 minutes from the first bite. My old eating habits, had me eating so fast it didn’t look like I’d come up for air, and most of the time I was done eating within 10 minutes. The last tip that is very helpful is, whenever eating out, I take half of it out. Meaning, I order my entree and as soon as it comes to the table I ask for a to-go box. And store half of it away for a later time. Or I share with family or friends. Similarly, when eating at family or friends, I fix my food on a smaller plate since I am unaware of the fat or calorie count. Remember, when in doubt take half of it out.


1. Start fixing your food on a smaller plate to visually trick yourself into thinking less food looks like more.
2. Use your hand as a measuring tool for food portions. (Use the palm of your hand for the size and thickness of your meats, a cuffed palm for your carbs and vegetables)

3. Figure out your daily body budget: take in no more than 8-10 calories per pound of weight you are (not below 1200) and then divide that number by 30 to get your fat grams intake. (For example, a person weighing 200 pounds should take in no more then 1800-2000 calories and 60-66 fat grams daily and adjust those numbers while losing weight)

4. When eating out take half of it out.

5. Start today.

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